Hauppauge PVR 60 Gaming Edition - Record gaming play at 1080p 60fps

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HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition

1080p 60 frames per second game recorder

Record, Edit and Upload Xbox® One, Xbox 360, PS4, PC or WiiU game play in HD. Record in-game commentary and chat.

HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition 


New Hauppauge Capture application features: Now with SkipBack and Facecam: putting YOU in your YouTube videos!

Upload gameplay to YouTube with one click. Show your best gameplay to your friends

Lag free video pass through: play your games on your HDMI TV set while you record in HD

USB powered for portable use

Includes a built-in record button, so you can start and stop your recordings without having to be at your PC


About the HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition

Record video game play in HD on your laptop or desktop PC

HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition
The HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition
Small enough to hold in your hand!

HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition records high definition game play video from a gaming PC, Microsoft® Xbox® One or Xbox 360, the PS 4 or WiiU onto your Windows PC. HD PVR 60 supports recordings at 60 frames per second with lag-free pass through. Make video recordings of your best game play in HD. Upload your favorite games to YouTube and share them with other gamers online. Or make a high definition movie of your game play to share with your friends or use it to discuss tactics with your clan members!

Add Facecam to your gameplay recordings!

Hauppauge Capture now includes Facecam. Point a webcam of yourself to add a video of you playing your favorite game. The Facecam window can be any size and positioned anyplace in your video.

Now with SkipBack

Did you miss your best gaming moves? If so, use SkipBack to record your video IN THE PAST! Turn on SkipBack and up to 1000 minutes of video will be ready to save when you hit the record button. So you'll never miss your best moves again!

Add game commentary to your game recordings

Hauppauge Capture has a built-in audio mixer. Plug in a microphone (both USB and standard microphones can be used) and add game commentary while you record your videos. You can also add audio from your PC (music or Skype audio can be recorded) and even put each audio source on separate tracks for easier editing in Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or Pinnacle Studio. The Hauppauge Capture program has all the features you need for making awesome game play recordings!

Play while you record with HD PVR 60's lag-free HDMI video pass through!

HD PVR 60 comes with a lag free HDMI passthrough. Connect your game console to the HDMI input port, and your HD TV set to the HDMI output port and you can play your game IN REAL TIME WITH NO DELAY! Watch your game play on your HD TV while recording your game on your PCs disk drive.


Record button mounted on top, so you can start and stop your video recordings without having to be near your PC

HD PVR 60 has a top mounted record button. Hit the record button to start recording. Hit the record button again to stop recording. This makes recording your video gameplay super easy!

Record your PC gameplay, with no delay and no slowdown of your PC!

HD PVR 60 can be connected to the HDMI output of your PC to record your gameplay. With our "no delay passthrough", you can play your game on a TV monitor while recording. And the recording will not slow down your PC since the encoding is done inside HD PVR 60!

Amazing audio and video quality

Record button 
The Record button is mounted on 
top of HD PVR 60, and makes it easy to 
start and stop your gameplay recordings!

HD PVR 60 records using amazing H.264 compression at HD resolutions up to 1080p60. H.264 is used by Blu-ray disks and exceeds other compression standards in video quality, providing a crisp image with amazing digital sound. And H.264 uses 1/3 the disk space compared with the popular MPEG-2 format.

Watch recordings of your best game play on your PC monitor or HD TV set

Once your recordings are on your PC hard disk, you can play them back directly on your computer screen using the included Hauppauge Capture application. You can also transfer the recordings over your home network to your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or other high definition media player.

Upload your best games to YouTube and share with your friends

HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition comes with a one click upload to YouTube. Make HD recordings of your game play and upload your best videos to YouTube. HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition records videos in HD using H.264, which is perfect for YouTube.

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